A blank parchment, an antique linen bed sheet—the artist’s line brings the mystery of creative curiosity to life. Hand-painted, the idea becomes real, its character defined through intensity of shape and silhouette. The Artisan can see beauty in everything; piece by piece, line by line, as the idea disperses like pigment across the page. Couture isn’t to be rushed or snapped, it’s to be considered, savored—unique, like art. To commemorate the first Artisan collection for Maison Margiela by John Galliano, artist Aurore de la Morinerie was commissioned to capture the soul of this presentation.

Playing with proportion and perception, the toils and toiles of creation, a draped grain de poudre jacket was re-embroidered and embellished like an inky line, emerging as a bustier dress. Subdued inks explode into scarlet, and a lacquered shell-face A-line coat with PVC pockets wears cuffs as exaggerated as its personality. Wide-eyed curiosity blinks out from the soft silk curls of exposed pockets, and is crowned with hand-lacquered cups as eyelashes; all is not what it first appears. Think. Look twice. It’s more beautiful than you first imagined. Volumes of tweed and silk skirts, a hand-painted curtain lining, corseted and constructed at the front, is backless in her exit. All is not what it seems. Swirls of ribbon twist over a black fishnet stocking base, the jacquard and lace that wrap down to her platform shoes are tied with a bow. A dramatic black inky line swooshes across a mini battalion, jet beads, velvet appliqué to spill onto the floor-sweeping line of a black wool coat with interwoven crin. Faded grandeur and antique lamé brocade, with rhinestone and pearl embroidered lining, blurs form and function. Scarlet wool bleeds into billowing chiffon, a wool pantsuit contrasts with watery silk chiffon tulle, and the crisp cutout felted wool is left raw and collarless. Beauty is the hand-painted silk faille finale, with diamond-cut mirrors, beaded pearls, stones, lamé lace, and gold leaf appliqué, here is an embroidery of riches, of ideas, intentions, and a new artisan muse.

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