For this issue we wanted to ask questions, and we did that with the help of artist Gregg Bordowitz and his book Volition. Each of our fashion stories are introduced by a question of his. From Volition:


What does it mean to be an artist in the 21st century?

What does anything mean now if nothing means anything at all?

Does nothing mean anything at all?

How can anything mean something as reflection without being?

Is it possible to become reflection without being?

How does the question of being possess urgency at the moment?


In an era when everyone seems to be looking for answers, we feel the real attention should be focused on questions, a seed for our consciousness. We’ve looked to the past and to the present for people who continually ask questions, and have filled this special issue with the fruits of their labor. Ask yourself a question, and see where it leads you.


Nick Vogelson & James Valeri

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