Spencer Sweeney’s beguiling, generous self-portraiture

The painter created a series of self-portraits for the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Document. Parinaz Mogadassi curates the story.

“Think about Magritte and his ‘Vache’ period: painter as self-deprecating clown. ‘Stupid as a painter,’ Duchamp famously said. Beguiling, generous painting that questions what is good? what is bad? what’s ugly, who’s pretty? Direct painting in and out. Where’s the filter painting? Kimono painter man, erotic itamae master—fresh gestures left to filet the eye. The eye is always open to the touch and the touch is where it’s at. Never revealing his gaze, he takes it all in to impart what we have missed. Don’t underestimate the man in shades, he’s eyeballed everything and your dinner will be delicious.”