The Barcelona-based DJ shares a playlist of 10 tracks designed to groove to ahead of Sónar Festival

Meritxell de Soto has no concern for genre. Instead, the Barcelona-based DJ focuses on her audience—and their bodies. Drawing on label-bucking edits, bootlegs, remixes, and even motion-tracking sensors, she encourages crowds to dance by any means necessary. With her project “Espai Segur” (safe space in Catalan), de Soto even performs her own rehearsed choreography from behind the decks. In her world, movement and music are inextricably linked. On the floor, this shared physical experience fosters the best kind of rhythmic community.

With a residency at iconic Barcelona venue Razzmatazz under her belt, the DJ is about to embark on her Con.placer tour. By the time she arrives for her set at the highly-anticipated Sónar Festival this June, her deliciously bouncy risk-taking sound will have infected thousands.

The DJ distilled her unique ethos into this playlist for Document. It’s raucous and vibrant—sweaty, communal motion in its pure sonic form.

“How To Save One Life (The Fray X Malibu X Evian Christ)” by Estoc

“This is an edit that works in layers. It’s an Evian Christ track, edited by Malibu, and then edited again by Estoc. It’s then mixed with an iconic pop culture track—‘How to Save a Life’ by The Fray. A perfect mix of ambient and mákina, the track is a great demonstration of extremes touching each other.”

“Affinity Politics” by Hedo Hydr8, Remixed by Merca Bae

“Merca Bae’s remix is a complete track in every sense of the word: absolutely clubby with a hypnotic melody. Listening, you transition through all kinds of beats, seeing how multiple genres can coexist.”

“gamo aqui sin” by DJ SOSA RD

“From one of the masters of the genre (for me), this track mixes a popular Tokischa song and a sensual edit, taking it into the realm of drum and bass. It appeals to everyone.”

“Transcendence VIP” by Miss Jay, Remixed by Hyperlink

“Here, Hyperlink edits ‘Transcendence’ by Miss Jay—a deconstructed club icon. It makes you feel a sense of absolute risk. The structure of the track is complex and interesting.”

“Vamo Fuder” by Gitano Del Futuro and Bigote

“Gitano Del Futuro’s voice paired with this outrageous beat makes your head explode and your body wet. The song ends after switching to hardcore, like a denouement…it kills me.”

“Virtuosity” by Kubik

A classic example of bakalao that’s a required listen. It’s hard, it’s exciting, and the tempos intersperse beautiful, melodic sections with makinero beats.

“32 Balas” by Siu Mata, Amor Satyr, and Tomás Urquieta

“Siu Mata and Amor Satyr unite disparate musical traditions, making them cohere surprisingly well. This track really provokes the concept of genre.”

“ENAMORADODE” by Chico Blanco, Remixed by DJ Babatr

“Opening with only a kick drum and chopped vocal, DJ Babatr channels the beat straight into your chest, flipping Chico Blanco’s gentler original song on its head. It makes me think of tender masculinity.”

“Body Moves” by The Glitch Mob, Samurai Breaks, and UNIIQU3

“Infinitely groovy, ‘Body Moves’ mixes drum breaks and jersey club. The kings of groove come together on a song that stands on its own and makes you sweat just listening to it.”

“Coded Language” by Flore

“The track is panned in a way that sensitively guides the listener through its many sounds. Nothing more to say!”

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