Barcelona-based DJ and producer Drazzit has spent the last few years establishing their reputation as a trance-inducing deliverer of heady energy, with high production values to boot. Their recent EP, CLUB SLAYER, encapsulates their myriad musical interests: eclectic sounds old and new, weaved into a thundering curtain of trance, psy and techno. The beats go hard, the titles go harder (“Serving Clubby”; “Groovy Slay”). If your blood isn’t boiling by the end of the track, you’re not listening hard enough.

They’re also a co-founder of the record label, artist collective and party series MUSA, bringing together queer artists and performers in the name of free expression, “the night as our muse,” as they say. Each time MUSA invites an artist to create a mix for their label, the team asks one question: “What song would you like to live in?” The project is one of universe-creation, every party or record of a newly-forged world. Like Muybridge’s horses, Drazzit takes their dazzling array of hardstyle sounds and puts them in sequence to create a world of propulsive motion—a world real enough to step into.

This June, those fortunate enough to attend the bustling stages of Sónar in Barcelona will be rewarded with a set of Drazzit’s racing tempos and high vibes. In anticipation of the festival, the producer gives us a glimpse of their unique sensibility with a playlist of songs you could live in.

Free Fall” by oqbqbo & Scandinavian Star

“‘Free Fall’ is an ambient club-ready track from Water Tiger, the debut album from oqbqbo & Scandinavian Star, released on the renegade label Posh Isolation. The pair makes uplifting and bubbly dance music that inhabits its own world while playfully referencing both Euro dance and contemporary club music. Based in Copenhagen, Posh Isolation focuses on presenting work from Scandinavian artists and collaborators across music, art, and design.”

Don’t Blame the Messenger” by Drazzit

“‘Don’t Blame the Messenger’ is part of my self-released EP CLUB SLAYER. I enjoyed exploring new elements like textured pads, designed to simulate the feeling of an insect crawling around in your head. I also experimented with new drum sounds as well as a simple but imposing three-note lead.”

Artificial Stupidity” by DEV

“DEV’s ‘Artificial Stupidity’ has cemented itself as an essential weapon in my DJ sets. The track’s masterful build of energy and its beautiful melody leading up to the second drop would keep any dancer on the edge. When that propulsive, psytrance-inspired bassline finally kicks in, it’s an irresistibly groovy and bouncy payoff. DEV’s productions always strike that perfect balance of cerebral musicality and raw dancefloor force.”

Enough for Love” by Kelela

“‘Enough for Love’ was one of my obsessions when it came out. I admire the combination of percussive elements in this track, combining with Kelela’s beautiful vocals to become something perfect.”

Terraphoria” by Anetha

“This track is from the forthcoming album Mothearth on Anetha’s own label Mama Told Ya—I’ve featured it in my latest sets and mixes. Mothearth, culminating Anetha’s decade-long journey in the music industry, marks a new moment of artistic revelation and self-expression for the artist. She not only reaffirms her musical prowess but also unveils her critical insights into the music industry and society at large. This album is definitely post-club, engaged, and free from any prescribed electronic codes, this landmark album serves as a declaration of Anetha’s desire to explore the entire spectrum of electronic music.”

Sleeping Beauty” by Naboklage

“This track tells such a story from the gripping intro to the last echoes of its groovy rhythm. I admire all of Naboklage’s productions. I feel like they create whole universes. The artist is part of Flux Collective from Oslo, a sick label doing amazing stuff—from parties and forest gatherings to their own releases. This track features various artists from Flux on their Metamorphosis compilation released to celebrate their second anniversary last November.”

Psy-fi Senario” by Inzect

“‘Psy-fi Senario’ feels like a cinematic experience, filled with so many different organic elements that must be enjoyed with a good speaker. Inzect is the solo project of Malmö-based producer Jonas Loven. Inspired by diverse elements like forests, minimalism, progressive music and psytrance, Inzect achieves a unique blend of intricate grooves and psychedelic sound design, defined by beautiful structures. Inzect’s prominent style is surprising, groundbreaking, and yet very danceable.”

Realiti” by Grimes

“This track takes me back—I have the vivid memory of a beautiful road trip with my boyfriend Marcos, traveling through the Costa Brava a few years ago. It was my first time hearing this track; I had it on repeat for the whole trip. My admiration for so-called mainstream artists like Grimes increases when I learn they produce their own songs. Something about the synth melody and horns of this song makes me obsessed.”

Honey” by Robyn

“I could apply the same praise for ‘Realiti’ to this track. ‘Honey’ appears in And Then We Danced, a Georgian drama film directed by Levan Akin. The film features a beautiful scene filled with orangey colors that spark something in me. I love when film combines with music to create a genuine experience for the audience.”

Move for Freedom” by Pulsedriver and Ole Van Dansk

“I always like to include old-school hard dance tracks like this one in my sets, especially to close them out. There’s something really captivating about the melancholic melodies of these types of songs. For me it is an essential key of my track selection. Pulsedriver is one of the artists that do this genre best.”