Myoungsin Lee and Jinsun Park delivered a balanced Spring/Summer 2024 collection, crafting modular pieces both contemporary and paradigmatic

In the heart of the French capital, under the glass-domed ceiling of the Espace Commines, Low Classic put on its debut Paris Fashion Week show. Founded in 2009, the Korean label has steadily ascended from its place as a fixture of the Seoul design scene to a global name—capturing the attention of minimalists everywhere, with elevated pieces that are markedly practical, set apart by their witty embellishments. Creative Director Myoungsin Lee speaks to years of research conducted in tandem with Visual Director Jinsun Park, crafting “the perfect equilibrium between the contemporary and the classic, the daily and the surreal.” This sort of exchange was felt on the runway: Between century-old walls, Low Classic displayed garments distinctly modern.

All rules were off as showgoers ventured into the space, encouraged to wander freely, to see the clothes from any angle. This dissolution of boundaries embodies the Low Classic philosophy: collapsing womenswear and menswear; allowing close tailoring, as well as baggy silhouettes; building upon an archive broad and cohesive at once. Lee introduced fluent skirt wraps, hooded tees, detachable sleeves; each piece felt modular, layered without abandon to create ensembles youthful yet polished. The palette was neutral: black, white, gray, beige, hints of orange or blush. Patterns offset any seriousness, inspired by “the dystopian urban landscape, antique Spanish vases, and floristry.”

For Spring/Summer 2024, Low Classic embarked on a “quest for balance between contemporary and classical beauty”—an endeavor they certainly achieved. It’s there in the clothing—toeing the line between streetwear and an office uniform—and in their bold, silver jewelry, and their Cube statement bag, geometric but soft. The label refrains from being any one thing; and in that feat, it’s entirely singular.