The DJ offers Document a look at his homecoming show in Detroit—the birthplace of techno and the site of his creative coming-of-age

Over the span of his 30-year career, DJ Carl Craig has combined jazz and techno, funk and electronica, house and new wave—synthesizing his far-flung interests into a singular, widely-celebrated sound. Often credited with elevating techno music to new heights in the late-’80s and early-’90s, Craig’s hypnotic remixes of tracks like Junior Boys’s “Like a Child,” LCD Soundsystem’s “Sound of Silver,” and Depeche Mode’s “Useless” have earned him Grammy nominations and critical acclaim within the world of electronic music, as well as a fanbase the transcends the scope of the genre.

This past May, Craig returned to his hometown of Detroit, Michigan for Movement. Since 2006, the festival has celebrated the history and future of techno music, spotlighting the visionaries of dance music in one heady, riotous weekend. Here, the DJ gives Document a behind-the-scenes look at his homecoming show in the birthplace of the genre.

Geli and Redd, Kenny’s lovely entourage in Detroit.

Left: Traci and Kenny leaving backstage—time to be Moodymann. Right: Whadupdoe, whadupdoe, whadupdoe.

Moodymann, Geli, and Redd showing love to Detroit.

Left: Rain or shine, Detroit always shows up for its beloved artists. Right: DJ Holographic literally tore her ACL just minutes before this pic was taken. Yet without missing a beat, she performed one of the best sets on the stage that day.

Detroit and Chicago, always love.