The artist invites you into xyr colorful chaotic world of queer prosperity

“Grandma, grandma can’t you see? I’m a fucking prodigy,” Alice Longyu Gao scream-sings on “MONK,” a single off of xyr latest EP, Let’s Hope Heteros Fail, Learn and Retire. It’s the same singsongy melody as Biggie’s “Hypnotize,” except this version is punctuated with heavy-metal drums. “Grandma, grandma can’t you see, I am making history!” Driving guitars take over, and xe shrieks before shouting: “Climate Change!” and “World War III!” The lyrics, the screaming, the nursery-rhyme cadence, and the heavy-metal sound are electrifying to listen to, but they also capture the complexity of Longyu Gao’s artistry. Contained within those sounds and words are the rebellion against the weight of family expectation, a sharp subversion of cuteness, and the general anxiety that comes with being a young person watching the world’s steady march toward apocalypse.

While Let’s Hope Heteros Fail, Learn and Retire features xyr signature humor and bravado (this is, after all, the same artist who brought us hyperpop bangers like “100 Boyfriends” and “Rich Bitch Juice”), with this EP, Longyu Gao tells a more personal story. The songs were written largely during quarantine, as xe was experiencing life as an out, queer person for the first time. This resulted in a lot of screaming, but also in the lyrical creation of xyr imagined hetero-free world of drag brunches and unlimited financial abundance.

Such a world—unburdened by white, patriarchal oppression—is one Longyu Gao aims to make a reality for xyr community, always seeking opportunities to use xyr skill as a DJ and musician to work toward this goal. During the pandemic, xe participated in Zoom concerts to raise money for LGBTQ+ nightlife workers and entertainers, a portion of the proceeds from xyr sold-out Alice The Club x Grapenut Brunch Club Lunar New Year party went to Project Reach, and, most recently, xe organized ALGx, a convention and networking event for femmes hosted at NYU, featuring prominent female cultural and business leaders. “2023 is putting myself and my mission side by side,” Longyu Gao commented. “I was made for being a community leader. I was made for getting people together so we can all be stronger.”

As Alice embarks on xyr CEO Tour, xe shares the playlist of songs xe describes as a “soundtrack to stay away from ur pretentious Dimes Square crush and go slay in the United Kingdom and Europe.” Even CEOs experience heartbreak, but this playlist is a reminder to dance (and slay) through the tears.

“MAKE U 3 ME” by Alice Longyu Gao
“Half screaming, half longing for love (ew). Wake up, wake up. An emotional track for emotional babies.”

“Honeypie” by Reserv
“Such a sweet song. I can’t fully understand the lyrics cuz English is not my first language, but I think it is about pure romance—the type of love that I deserve (lol).”

“Cardboard Box” by FLO
“Swag, swag, swag. Ugh, these girls got swag and they take no BS!”

“Nobody Gets Me” by SZA
“I don’t know—my best friends get me so well. But anyone I love (ew) never gets me. So if someone gets me, I must make them my friend.”

“are you sleeping alone again?” by Bixby
“This song reminds me of how much I was in shock when I saw you sleeping with other girls.”

“TAKE A CHANCE” by DOMi & JD BECK featuring Anderson .Paak
“Forgetting the shock through these beautiful melodies.”

“a little pain” by OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST)
“This is the song that makes me want to stay alone.”

“Puerta de Limosina” by The Garden
“Idk. Just incredible, cool vibes.”

“Come 2 Brazil” by Alice Longyu Gao
“I am the Asian Oprah, the mother of it all!”