A day-in-the-life of the breakout star, between parties, castings, and the Kenzo runway

Between runways for Kenzo, Ami, and Lemaire, model Yura Nakano’s had a lot of ground to cover this Men’s Week. And in general, he’s had a busy year: hopping from Berlin to London to Cairo to Milan, and finally to Paris—walking for the likes of DIOR, Jil Sander, Peter Do, Fendi, and Jean Paul Gaultier over the seasons.

It’s a lot to take in—best, perhaps, to immortalize such a range of experiences with the camera. Luckily, photography is one of Nakano’s hobbies, which he’s generously practiced over the last few days for Document. Here, he shares an inside look at what life is like at the moment for a model in the buzz of Paris.

Document Journal: What’s a typical morning like at Fashion Week?

Yura Nakano: I wake up early, stretch, meditate, and have a cup of coffee before I leave my place.

Document: How do you prepare yourself for a show?

Yura: Always stay calm. I listen to hardcore music to release the tension.

Document: What’s the best look you’ve worn so far?

Yura: The one with the balaclava, at Kenzo.

Document: Your favorite show overall?

Yura: Kenzo!

Document: What about the best party?

Yura: The 44 Label rave was amazing.

Document: What do you get up to when you’re off-duty?

Yura: I’ll have a coffee with my friends.

Document: Which three fashion world figures—dead or alive—would you host for a dinner party?

Yura: Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons, Helmut Lang, and Kiko Kostadinov.

Document: Paris, Milan, or New York?

Yura: Paris.

Document: What city—outside of those three—has the best style?

Yura: Definitely London!

Document: Anyone you’re hoping to run into before you leave Paris?

Yura: All the friends I love.