“It’s luxurious. It’s giving Saint Lucia on the beach with your sugar daddy.”

On Monday evening’s presentation, Marni brought vivid colors and rigorous graphics to new heights—or depths, so to speak. Accompanied by a live orchestra and compounded by the sounds of the cityscape, the Italian house’s Spring 2023 collection imbued the vaulted corridors underneath the Manhattan Bridge with a kaleidoscopic color palette only otherwise seen at sunset. Compartmentalized gradients of oranges, reds, and gloaming blues were shown on silky skirts and tank tops paired with detached, protracted sleeves that glided through the air; skivvies were seen paired with leather trenches and pointy-toed flats. There was a complexity in the colors and prints that was equally reflected in the textiles, yet grounded in the simplicity of the shapes—circles being a central motif that rose and set with each look. Marni precisely captured the cycle of getting dressed, the seen and lurid unseen.

With this presentation, Marni rejuvenated New York’s street-style scene with a sense of boldness—one that embraces a variegated state of mind, shameless self-expression, and unflinching body positivity. Document spoke to several attendees afterwards, to hear about their favorite looks and what they consider to be the essence of Marni.

Bloody Osiris.

Bloody Osiris

Kylee Sorenson: How did the show make you feel?

Bloody Osiris: It was kind of like a sunset. I liked the orchestra, it was very beautiful.

Kylee: What words come to mind when you think of Marni?

Bloody Osiris: Innovative and creative.

Jerami Grant

Kylee: Do you have any favorite looks from tonight?

Jerami Grant: I liked the oversized pants. They had a little rainbow paint on them. Also, I really liked the long white coats.

Kylee: How would you describe the Marni brand?

Jerami: Prestigious. It’s been here for a long time, and they keep finding a way to keep going and growing.

Left: Ursula Wiskoski. Right: Alyssa Ackerman and Stixx Matthew.

Murphy and Violet Getty

Kylee: What did you each think of the collection?

Violet Getty: I loved all of the mesh tank tops and the pastel knits; those are my favorite things right now, so I was really excited about them. The sleeve that connected to the bottom of the skirt reminded me of something Roxxxy Andrews wore on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Murph Getty: It’s all beautiful. It’s fire.

Stixx Matthews and Alyssa Ackerman

Kylee: What was your favorite moment of the show?

Alyssa Ackerman: Obviously I love Paloma [Elsesser], so whatever she wore was my favorite look.

Stixx Matthews: I mean, everything was good. I’m here for the body positivity. It was really refreshing to see that.

Kylee: What feelings come to mind when you think of Marni?

Alyssa: Colorful, playful, warm, sunny.

Stixx: Luxury!

Alyssa: Yes, it’s luxurious. it’s giving Saint Lucia on the beach with your sugar daddy.

Left: Violet and Murphy Getty. Right: Jerami Grant.

Ursula Wiskoski

Kylee: What were your favorite looks tonight??

Ursula Wiskoski: I really liked the pieces with the spider sequins. I loved all the patchwork knits, that was phenomenal. And the really long, pointy shoes.

Kylee: What does Marni evoke for you?

Ursula: I think of personal expression and evolving creative colors.