The two-day event will feature a star-studded DJ lineup, as well as art installations and panels on the techno underground

GeGa Japaridze and Téa Abashidze founded Basement with an overarching goal in mind—bringing international techno to the New York scene. Since the club’s opening in 2019, they’ve hosted a slew of cutting-edge DJs and artists, bringing the sounds of Chicago, Detroit, Berlin, and their native Georgia together with the city.

Today, the pair announced a new development in their curatorial vision: The Knockdown Center will be home to their latest project, Wire Festival, between May 20 and 21. The event will welcome a variety of artists, organizers, and activists—art installations and panels on the electric underground will be held in the daytime, and two stages will be set up each night. One will be hosted by Georgian club Bassiani, the other by Paris queer collective Possession. The greatest draw is the lineup: DJ Stingray, Juliana Huxtable, LSDXOXO, VTSS, and Lydo will perform, among plenty of other big names.

Japaridze and Abashidze are joining the ranks of a new generation of festival designers, who prioritize community teaching and culture just as much as the actual event of the rave. “Wire’s goal is to connect and uplift the international underground,” reads the team’s press statement, “forging bonds and providing the opportunity for mutual education and frank discussion alongside world-class raving.”