Massimo Giorgetti elevates intergalactic tropes with thoughtful patterns and delicate decorations

With the 2011 sci-fi film Melancholia, astrology, and Björk among his points of inspiration, Massimo Giorgetti pairs MSGM’s distinctive Italian craftsmanship with a modern edge. The streetwear legend almost entirely abandoned his past for the brand’s Fall 2022 collection, which is instead defined by a sort of intergalactic elegance.

Glittery cargo pants and a star sequined bodysuit embody youth ideals with couth. The pops of color that the creative director is synonymous with are replaced by sensual blacks, browns, and grays, accented by delicate incorporations of amethyst, quartz, ink blue, and zinc yellow.

Plexiglass decorations crowd onto a minidress and tops open into single-shoulder geometries. Prints of shooting and exploding stars embody an unexpected artistry in their reimagination of archetypal space-inspired prints. On MSGM, the prints feel innovative and thoughtful, adding shape to the fabrics they adorn. Inspired by NASA’s discovery of a new celestial body that served as a reminder of the possibility of discovery, the brand experiments in spacy sophistication.