Louis Vuitton celebrates its craftsmen in a new photographic anthology

‘Louis Vuitton Manufactures’ features the leather workers and watchmakers who bolster its legendary status

Louis Vuitton’s culture of craftsmanship is immortalized once and for all in Louis Vuitton Manufactures—a photo book published by Assouline that combines archival and present-day snapshots of the legendary house’s workshops, showcasing its journey from a local Parisian luggage business to the global emblem of luxury it is today.

Nicholas Foulkes writes the book’s introduction, offering insight into the history of the brand and celebrating its influence on modern culture. He credits the work of Louis Vuitton’s craftsmen as the lifeblood and driving force behind the brand’s vastness and global dominance. Foulkes acknowledges that the groundbreaking pieces that Louis Vuitton’s designers dream up could never come to life without the knowledge and skill of its craftsmen, and suggests that much of the house’s relevance today is made possible by their tireless work and ingenuity.

Wise words give way to an anthology of images from around the world, where the work of Louis Vuitton has touched down: a perfumery in Grasse, France, where seemingly endless rows of lavender and branches of citrus are among the ingredients harvested and distilled for the house’s fragrances. A sunny cattle ranch in Texas, where generations of leather workers are tapped for work in the brand’s ateliers. The cascading fields of Geneva, Switzerland, where watchmakers set up shop to make LV’s iconic timepieces. Louis Vuitton has stood its ground for generations thanks to its craftsmen, who are just as inspired now as Louis Vuitton himself, in their knowledge of how tradition might inform the future.