Suzanne Koller probes her obsession with simplicity for A.P.C.

The French brand has released a capsule collection of 'obvious classics' designed by stylist and art director Suzanne Koller

A.P.C.’s Interaction collaborations—inaugurated in Spring 2019 with Kid Cudi—are small collections in which friends of the brand interact with and interpret A.P.C. fashion from their own perspective.

Stylist Suzanne Koller (fashion director at M Le magazine du Monde and co-founder of Self Service magazine) has designed the latest Interaction for A.P.C. The main idea was about what she calls “obvious classics” and is part of A.P.C.’s Fall 2021 collection that launched on September 7. Interaction #12 reflects Koller’s personal style but also includes menswear items. It’s all about extravagant classicality and, as Koller said, “repeating my ongoing obsessions [with] minimal simplicity.”

Koller’s daughter, Tess Petronio, photographed the campaign in a playful countryside setting, surrounded by green grass and tall leafy trees.