With their Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Lucie and Luke Meier remind us that ‘we should not take ourselves too seriously’

In their latest collection for Jil Sander, Lucie and Luke Meier bring a true mix of power and sensitivity to streetwear: from oversized coats, boxy blazers, and strong-shouldered jackets to subtle and softly-draped dresses. Driven by pastel colors like mint green, muted pinks, and pale peach, the looks were a vibrant blend of strength and vulnerability.

The collection includes a myriad of materials and textures. Cotton, glazed with nappa or crocheted together with chenille, gives a padded, spongy look. Sequined paisley ornaments and tiger patterns adorn gowns and an iconic velvet coat respectively. (The tiger pattern was also seen on long sleeves worn under white capes, and again on a midi coat with black fringe details.) Leather pants were worn under Italian wool jackets and shirts with voluminous foulard collars. The collection looked strong yet felt light, showing creative invention and craftsmanship on the runway.