The ultra modern Fall/Winter 2021 collection is grounded in traditional dyeing techniques and earthy fabrics

As we sit, waiting, bound to our homes for an unknown and seemingly unending period of time, a return to future “normalcy” seems to grow farther away. We think in months instead of days, years instead of months. Issey Miyake thinks ahead in seasons, creating a collection that feels futuristic in its organic beauty and strength that has become almost foreign amidst the pandemic. With its latest collection, aptly titled “As the Way it Comes to Be,” Issey Miyake’s Fall/Winter 2021 reimagines colors and shapes of nature into ultra-modern silhouettes.

Created by Mikiya Takimoto, the collection video is filmed both in organic and constructed environments. The sound plays off the quiet atmosphere, moving from ambient pulses into the natural sounds of wind on black sand. Drenched in sunlight, the models move gently in Miyake’s signature pleats.

The Japanese fashion house makes innovative use of elastics, yarns, silks, and wools. The collection takes inspiration from traditional dyeing techniques that produce patterns of flowers and stones. There is great variation in silhouettes, ranging from elongated rectangular cuts to hand-pleated three dimensional forms, melding the austere simplicity of the natural world with the sophistication of the future.

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