In the latest installment of Story of an Archive, founders Karen Clarkson, Oxana Korsun, and Rosie Meres break down how their personal style shapes the iconic store's curation

Document takes you behind the scenes of London’s Found and Vision shop for ‘Story of an Archive.’ Co-owners Karen Clarkson, Oxana Korsun, and Rosie Meres opened the boutique in Portobello in 2012, revitalizing the neighborhood as the city’s epicenter of vintage. In this film, the women explore their personal histories with fashion and the experiences that influence their nuanced buying styles—ranging from high-end styling to costume making. For them, the store is a means of mental reimagination where carefully curated pieces find new life, merging style and quality with ethical shopping. Join us in following Found and Vision through the intimacies that shape its collection.