Creative director Massimo Giorgetti collaborated with director Luca Finotti to send a much-needed message of optimism

MSGM released a video showcasing the youthful vitality of the Italian brand’s Women’s Resort 2021 and Menswear Spring/Summer 2021 collection. As many designers are taking to video to present their collections due to the risk of mass gatherings amidst the coronavirus pandemic, MSGM’s creative director Massimo Giorgetti collaborated with director Luca Finotti to create a lively, chromatic film focusing on youthful romance in the backdrop of Milan’s post-lockdown early summer cheer. The video proclaims a celebration of life––the rejoicing of having endured struggle and the jubilant embrace of a better tomorrow. Giorgetti’s collections and their accompanying video convey a message of optimism and passion with the phrase “I don’t know where, but together” as the mantra of the season.

This statement of positivity and elation is reflected in the menswear collection’s pastels and vivid colors that nicely merge with the relaxed, tailored edge of streetwear staples such as wide-legged pants and boxy button-downs. Bright prints duly contrast with and enliven the easygoing simplicity of familiar and clean-cut shapes. The womenswear collection contains more formal cuts and drapes, but is as flowy and effulgent as it is chic. The two collections intersect harmoniously, with each willfully resonant to the pleasant and agreeable vibes of a decorous ensemble and a temperate summer day.

Giorgetti describes simplicity as a type of “total immediacy”: “the immediacy of fresh, desirable clothes that are easy to wear. Clothes that bring joy.” This sentiment fits the brand’s contemporary flare and the sprightly attractiveness of the clothing. In a sense, Giorgetti wants us to know that this fun, light, and wearable collection is for those celebrating time spent with friends and lovers.