Document's favorite creatives show us the avant garde power of toothpaste and potato crisps

Throughout lockdown, Document has asked fashion designers and artists to engage in an exercise for their creative muscles. Using only household items, they were tasked with constructing an ensemble in their own vision. The results included everything from toothpaste crowns to potato chip vests.

Jaden Cho, designer

It’s a new version of the flag dress that I’ve been doing in a series. This dress is made of rubber tablecloth. Even simple silhouettes and common materials can make something beautiful enough.

Maya Golyshkina, designer

I decided to use all that I have in my bathroom. Firstly, I twisted a towel on my head, after that I put my bath hat and glued toothbrushes, shavers, and soap holder. I take my pack of cards top and put it on myself. The last step was toothpaste, I squeezed it on my head.

Rui Zhou, designer

I left New York and flew to China right before the coronavirus outbreak in March. When I quarantined for 14 days in Shanghai, it was hard to stay at a quiet home by myself so I was constantly playing loud videos and music. I look at the cold hard machines like we look at our closest friend or lover. Machines draw the “nutrition” through the wire much like we dip the “energy” from them. When we stay at home chatting with a friend over headphones, playing video games, or watching movies on a laptop, the electronic screen is the only window for communication with others. Our minds link with the world through these visible or invisible nets, while in reality, the wires build a comforting cave, which in a sense is also a cage for us.

Maryam Keyhani, artist

I did a cape from old Persian material (Termeh) for my daughter’s favorite teddy bear (and a handmade tulle dress under it). Also, the Persian fabric is old from Iran, and the tulle is from a previous underskirt.

Chopova Lowena, designer

Popchip packets, Ikea stool, screwdrivers, pliers, duct tape, rope, coffee filter, flower, cleaning spray, pads, tea, Chopova Lowena skirt, bag, and socks, eBay shoes.