In collaboration with The Fondation César, Celine releases two limited-edition pendants created from repurposed medals

From Brussels, photographer David Vasilijevic lenses Noor Chaltin as she smolders in Celine’s latest jewelry collaboration with the Fondation César. The necklaces—small-scale sculptures compressed from repurposed medals—pay homage to César Baldaccini’s mid-century sculptures and artistic vanguardism in transforming recycled medals into new totemic beauties. For César, the process was the product. Working with small-scale or large-scale forms, he recovered scrap metal—from piping to license plates—using large-scale hydraulic crushing machines to transform scrapyard metals into sculptural forms. Compacted automobiles, oversized thumbs, fantastical insects—and, later, old jewelry collected from friends and family—were all within the famed French sculptor’s repertoire. Now, nearly fifty years later, Celine brings us a new collection that embodies that same spirit of artistic renewal.

Model Noor Chaltin at Dominique Models.