10 things to do that aren't mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, selected by the founders of our new favorite virtual gallery

GMO Gallery reimagines the white cube for our increasingly virtual world. The exhibition space provides an alternative to the traditional process of showcasing art, by championing a global network of artists who feel rejected by that process. “We look for outsiders, freaks, misfits, sweethearts, dropouts, losers, winners, jerks—anyone with a creative practice,” say gallery directors Sean Kennedy and Michal Cihlar. “The name references a sarcastic, nihilistic view of internet culture being a genetically modified version of human existence.” This isn’t a vilification of our newly isolated lives, where communication and culture is regulated to apps and avatars. The collapse of existing structures, according to Sean and Michal, is a chance for more voices to be heard.

“Uncharted territory notoriously makes people uneasy and this is why we choose to combat the traditional art world with our own digital realm,” they say. “In our experience, especially with Seans roots in punk culture, nihilism is a powerful lens to look at things through in order to become more self aware. Once you can poke fun at yourself it’s easier to be more vulnerable and honest.” GMO’s first show, Human Err0r, showcases work ranging from painting to sculpture and furniture design. Three-dimensional objects can be tricky to translate into a virtual space, Sean and Michal admit. But it’s a rewarding challenge, as interacting with these objects’ digitized forms can reveal surprising ways of seeing the everyday things around us. “The final product is uniquely interactive,” they say. “It’s satisfying to see a physical object transform into something totally new.”

Aside from curating virtual shows, here are some of the things keeping Sean and Michal busy in the online universe.

Michal’s picks:

Salon94 Design and Gallery Fumi exhibition archives

Between New York and London, Salon94 and Gallery Fumi represent some of my favorite designers and artists, such as Max Lamb, Thomas Barger, Gaetano Pesce, and Voukenas Petrides studio. Each gallery has an extensive archive of shows and works dating back to its establishment. As many of us have a lot of time on our hands, I recommend looking at some of the websites of the designers and artists listed above. They go in-depth on the process of creating each piece, many of which are constructed with unorthodox methods and materials.”

Kiko Kostadinov Show Video Archive

Somehow these video accounts of Kiko Kostadinov/Laura and Deanna Fanning’s recent collections have gone unnoticed—given the amount of views the videos have I think most people are missing out. Unlike the still images you see on Vogue Runway, you are able to observe the garments in movement individually and as a whole collection. My personal favorite is the Fall/Winter 2020 Womenswear collection. Slam these videos back and pretend like you were invited.

Yung Lean Live @ The Back Of The Truck

As a result of a cancelled tour due to Coronavirus, Yung Lean went live out of the back of a truck Thursday, April 2. The live-stream is recorded on his YouTube if you missed the show. Kind of a fire hazard though.

IMVU’s virtual closet

Probably the closest you will get to dressing up and going out with your friends right now. The IMVU shop has a huge selection of digitalized garments constructed by users. I took for granted all of the mornings getting dressed to go outside. Now I can choose my outfit and chill without getting infected.

Purple Archives

Purple has created an online archive of the majority of Volume 3, dating back to Fall/Winter 2006 and up to Spring/Summer 2017, plus all of Volume 4. Definitely recommend taking a look while you’re staying home.

Sean’s picks:

Turn On The Tube: I Request Fest (Punk in the time of COVID-19)

With all gigs, concerts, and festivals being cancelled one after the other, I started to miss all the nasty weekends getting my ears ruined at shows. Turn On The Tube brings the basement/bar/warehouse gig to you. Three days. 10 shows. 124 bands. The streaming festival is composed of found YouTube footage of some of the craziest punk bands out there. If you missed the livestream over the weekend you can find all 24+ hours of footage on their YouTube channel. Blasting these videos is just as satisfying as the real thing. Put on a massive pot of coffee, tape your eyelids open, and don’t let it stop.

Quarantine by DJFUCKER

Quarantine is a series of tracks by legendary hardcore act DJFUCKER. Uploaded daily to their SoundSloud, each track is recorded live in isolation and immediately released. You can buy “Say Goodbye to Reality,” their split tape with Systematic Hypnosis, out now via Cryptic Messages. French DJ and owner of 99cts Records, Miley Serious will also be hosting DJFUCKER on her radio show next month via Rinse FM. DJFUCKER created our first gallery mix, currently featured in Exhibition 0ne, and we look forward to more collaborations in the future.

Centre Pompidou

Every Wednesday at 3pm, until April 30, Centre Pompidou is releasing films from its archives. The new online programming space allows everyone access to archival cinematographic works. This month’s schedule is stuffed with avant-garde and experimental cinema as well as documentary and artist film. My personal favorite is coming out of the archive on April 15. In Spring by Mikhail Kaufman (1929) is a poem-like Ukrainian avant-garde film that depicts scenes from Kyiv. With a powerful soundtrack by Oleksandr Kokhanovsky, In Spring is a captivating force of nature.

Quarantine Fantasy Wrestling

Honestly not many words for this. Quarantine changes a person… I guess now I’m into fictional wrestling matches.

“Lockdown Blues” by Iceage

“COVID-19 Lockdown Blues/ The only way out is through / A wraithlike peril spread across our seven seas / Empty shelves in barren streets / Confined domestic quarantine / How the itching for lost touch is deafening…”

The art scene in Denmark feels like a second home for me. A few days ago, Danish band Iceage published a new song in an attempt to address our new reality. All profits from their Bandcamp will be given to Doctors Without Borders, which is supplying aid where it is needed most.

“Human Err0r”—a group exhibition comprising sculpture, furniture, painting, illustration, and sound—will open at GMO later this month. Follow the gallery’s Instagram for more updates and announcements.