For Document's Fall/Winter 2019 lunar portfolio, the worldwide design firm imagines three products for life on the Moon.

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For Document’s Fall/Winter 2019 issue, we asked designers, critics, DJs to imagine life on the moon: what music we’d listen to, how we would travel, and how we’d relate to our earthly origins. In this edition, frog, a worldwide design firm which has worked with Apple, Porsche, and GE, created concepts for three essential products we might need on the moon.

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LEAP Scooters, by Adam Wrigley
“LEAP brings the convenience of dockless electric scooters to the Moon! LEAP is a solar-powered electric scooter designed for precise point-to-point transportation on the Moon, using wheels modeled after the original lunar rover and advanced lithium ion batteries that never need replacing. No longer do you need to wait for the never-on-time MTA’s (Moon Transportation Authority) shuttle rovers or overpay for Moonber taxi rovers. Just grab a LEAP and go! Once you get to your destination, don’t worry about parking. With LEAP’s advanced anti-theft tracking MPS (Moon Positioning System) you can leave your ride wherever you please. One small step for man, one giant LEAP for transportation. LEAP scooters.”

BLAST MAX, by Jungsoo Park
“BLAST MAX was designed to deal with the Moon’s tardigrade problem caused by the crash of the probe that was carrying Earth’s hardiest little animals. Space certified BLAST MAX Lunar Tardigrade Bait kill the nest.”

Earth Phase Watch, by Kebei Li
“To live on a planet means to abide by its circadian rhythm. On Earth, this means the 24-hour cycle that governs the functioning of all living beings. However, it takes 29.5 Earth days for the sun to revolve around the Moon. As a result, both daytime and nighttime on the Moon last for about two Earth weeks. How would one track time, when the Moon becomes one’s main point of reference?

The Earth Phase Watch speculates a new expression of time-telling wherein horology is no longer Earthbound. A direct adaptation of the canonical Moon phase watch, the Earth Phase timepiece completely eliminates the 12-hour timing convention, preserving only the iconic aperture at the bottom of the dial, where a tiny Earth marks the passage of the interminably slow Moon days, reminding you that it might be time to book a ticket home to the blue marble in the sky.”