2020 may be the year we colonize the moon. Here's a playlist for the ultimate road trip there.

Honey Dijon has always lived and worked at the intersection of the music and fashion industries, as evidenced by her years as a globe-trotting DJ and her new line with Comme des Garçons, Honey Fucking Dijon. In the wake of HFD’s launch, she’s set to be working in London for the first few months of what’s sure to be a busy 2020. Dijon has been immersed in the world of dance music since the ‘90s, with two full-length projects under her belt, along with countless mixes. Such longevity places her in the auspicious position of being a veteran who can still surprise, someone who’s grown as methods of mixing have changed. She’s more of a student of the old school, saying “I would rather play ‘live’ and you hear the mistakes.”

Although grounded in the humanity of her craft, her selections for a playlist to accompany a hypothetical journey to the moon are fully out of this world. In her own words, “since time and space exist differently in distinct galaxies, I chose music that has a connective narrative from various decades and artistic approaches. Music transcends just as time does.” Innovators like Brian Eno and David Bryne, who have always had great concern for narrative and transcendence, are featured first. San Francisco disco legend Patrick Cowley makes multiple appearances, including one track from his 1981 album Megatron Man, released a year before his death, and one from a collection of recently unearthed tracks from the mid ’70s made in collaboration with his former flame Candida Royalle. According to Dijon, these tracks are “a soundtrack for space travel.”