The designer’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection accommodates fast-paced lifestyles while retaining an aura of cool

For his Fall/Winter collection, Dion Lee considered aerodynamics. Accordingly, the designer’s penchant for shapewear and sleek lines evoked the Na’vie people of James Cameron’s Avatar. Bolstered by gold adornments and chalky marks on the models’ foreheads, a series of stripe tie-dyed garments in royal blue seemed to afford agility sufficient for speeding through a forest—or at the very least, for weaving through a crowd.

The resemblances to the characters of Avatar speaks to the centrality of mobility within Lee’s designs, accommodating modern, fast-paced lifestyles while retaining an aura of cool. Neutrals comprised the majority of the collection, with monochromatic looks in tones like burnt orange and forest green interspersed throughout. Geometric cut-outs and conscientious tailoring were brought into equilibrium by aerated trousers and maxi skirts. Equally at home in the world of The Matrix, the collection straddled the line between tough and elegant, effortlessly accelerating ahead all the while.

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