Véronique Nichanian masters the delicate balance between cohesion and dissonance with her Fall/Winter 2020 men's collection.

Hermès hailed its latest menswear collection as a “topography of sensuality.” This descriptor is quite apt; the abundance of textural appeal effectively delineated the geographical elements of each look. Earth tone hues of camel, coal, and charcoal melded together with a keen intuition akin to the formation of sedimentary rocks. The ensembles presented successful color gradation, avoiding ruptures and clashes. Instead, the fusion of complementary tones enriched each individual piece and cemented cohesion throughout the collection.

Despite the seemingly natural layering of garments, the stylistic interventions of designer Véronique Nichanian were distinct. Reversible outerwear, zipped turtlenecks, pants with patch pockets, and blouses with ties indicated an eye attentive to varying details. While many of the garments boasted an ethos of pragmatism, the exquisite wool, cashmere, leather, and silk fabrics retained an aura of luxury. After all, Hermès strives not for utilitarianism but artistry. The wearability of these luxurious pieces speaks to the brand’s commitment to crafting designs of the highest quality. Nichanian honored this legacy of meticulous craftsmanship while simultaneously pushing for innovation. It is a delicate balance—the cutting edge is susceptible to compromising quality—but Nichanian’s collection occupied this territory in the characteristic Hermès fashion—that is, gracefully.

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