In celebration of their new EP, 'La vie' the inventors of 'Gaule Wave' gifts Document a playlist to rev up your weekend

Faire’s new EP La vie sounds like a whimsical, ’80s pastel dream. Parisian band members Romain, Raphael, and Simon first established Faire in 2015, and have been best friends since childhood. Their brotherly bond is unbreakable, and they pretty much do most things together.

Faire frequently migrates between Mexico and France, immersing themselves within new cultures everywhere they go. These diverse cultural experiences paired with their open mind for music explains their naturally eclectic taste.  The three friends cultivate a sound so unique it requires its own, self-named, genre called Gaule Wave. Some of Faire’s favorite songs are of the post-punk, dangerous pop, dance electronic, and exotica genres, deeming their own taste in music uncategorizable. Each time they hear these songs they are newly enlightened and inspired.