In a dazzling fashion editorial, von Olderhausen honors the residents he encountered while working in real estate in Bronx's Little Italy.

Before photographer Justin von Oldershausen started shooting in 2016, he used to work full-time in real estate in and around North Bronx’s Little Italy. He got to know many of his tenants quite well, and in the seven years since, he’s started working on a community art project with many of the residents.

“I have a close relationship with most of the tenants because I used to manage the buildings full time and lived there as well,” von Oldershausen said. “I thought it would be amazing to involve them in an editorial project as well.”

In this portfolio, von Olderhausen photographs many of these residents in their local neighborhood parks and apartments, while stylist Katie Carnegie incorporates the models’ own clothing into the looks—all in an effort to do justice to the vibrant energy of North Bronx personalities.

Hair by Kabuto Okuzawa. Make up Ayana Awata. Production Sheri Chiu.

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