Creative Director Sander Lak started with color and layered a glossy shine for the Spring 2020 collection.

Gathering models and showgoers under elaborate marble arches and a grand double staircase at the Hall of Records in lower Manhattan, Sies Marjan opted for effortless beauty this fashion week. Creative Director Sander Lak’s choice of the lesser-known NYC venue as an understated, yet elegant, representation of luxury reflects the intention behind Sies Marjan’s Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear collection. Carefully curated looks of a rich palette, drapey fabrics, and animal print textures twirled throughout the lobby of the magnificent 1907 Beaux Arts municipal building this past weekend.

Crocodile and reptile-embossed satins and silks were paired with zestful jewel-tones throughout the show, featuring bold-colored shoes, modest in height, and bright nail polish and lip colors to match. The collection marked a new level of sophistication carefully considered in the design process. “We don’t start with references or mood boards or inspiration; we start with color,” said Lak. “It’s like the next level—not only the jackets, the bags, the skirts, the shoes, but also the toenails are all the same and dipped in a really glossy shine.” According to Lak, this collection was about clothes intending to radiate pure luxury. Through the rejection of irony, bad taste, and kitsch, Sies Marjan S/S 2020 emphasizes effortless beauty as the result of time and freedom in the creation process.

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