Designer Vasilis Loizides' summer reading list will transport you to new realms and change your perception.

Document’s contributors are compiling summer reading lists with a twist. We’re asking writers, authors, artists, scholars for their old favorites and anticipated releases. This week, fashion designer Vasilis Loizides shares the books that informed his mythic, fantastical collections, including an astrology primer, a Flemish children’s book, and Judith Butler’s seminal gender studies classic Gender Trouble.

The Odyssey by Homer
When I went to school in Cyprus, we had a class dedicated to the writings of Homer. The Odyssey was a great introduction to the ancient Greek world and mythology.

Dawn, the first installment of Lilith’s Brood Trilogy by Octavia Butler
I love sci-fi and fantasy, and the idea that the human race is not the superior species in the universe is a concept that I find so fascinating. I’ve only read Dawn so far, but there are so many different layers (genders beyond human perception, human proclivity for disease, etc); I can’t wait to finish it.

Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Your Birth Chart by Yasmin Boland
Astrology is one of my major interests in life, and I think it is an ancient wisdom. This was one of my first astrology books. It’s a great book for beginners who want to explore the subject.

The Exploits of Moominpappa by Tove Jansson
I used to read the Moomin books growing up. It is a Finnish cartoon by illustrator and author Tove Jansson. I still admire the aesthetic of the books so much. I find it genius how she illustrated in a way that feels so emotional and profound. I would love if my work as a designer feels that way.

Gender Trouble by Judith Butler
My Fall/Winter 2019 collection was inspired by performance, and I have since discovered this book that considers gender as a performative decision. I’m really happy to have found such a landmark book that connects with me so personally.

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