How much can you say with a single photograph? The Palm* Studios Photo Prize spotlights 100 images and a world of perspectives, evening the playing field between established and emerging photographers.

Breaking into a career in the arts can be notoriously challenging absent financial backing and industry connections. London-based publisher Palm* Studios evens the playing field with the Palm* Photo prize, giving amateurs and professionals the opportunity to submit one or two of their best images—no entrance fee, no theme, no age restrictions.

“It brings the photo community together, and it’s free to enter, so anyone from anywhere in the world can submit. It’s a lot of work but it’s definitely worth it. It’s getting bigger every year,” said Palm Studios curator Lola Paprocka. “We’ve had over 3,860 submissions which have been whittled down to 100 images. [It’s] a great mix between established photographers, lesser knowns, and up-and-comers.”

The work includes portraits, landscapes, and documentary-style images, compiling unexpected and diverse points of view into one exhibition curated by Palm* Studios and opening May 14 at theprintspace gallery. Limited edition prints of some photographs are also available for sale at the gallery and online, with profits going to the artist.

“I can honestly say that there is some incredible work from some truly brilliant photographers in the show this year. I’m really grateful to everyone who entered and the overall quality really is something I’m proud of,” Paprocka said.

“My belief with Palm* has always been to create a community, and I mean that in its truest sense, the aim has always been to create a platform and connect artists whose work I love and believe in.”

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