‘Prologue’ captures the muses that helped lead Stefano Pilati to create his first collection since 2016.

In early November Stefano Pilati made his return to the catwalk with his new genderless line Random Identities. The collaboration with SSENSE sought to allow freedom of self-expression away from outside expectations and limitations. Now, as SSENSE is set to restock the line on Thursday, filmmaker Matt Lambert, who captured the scene at the show in Montreal has released a look at the inspirational figures that drove Pilati forward with his vision.

I’ve been watching Random Identities evolve for around two years—since it’s inception.” Lambert said of working with Pilati. “The most fulfilling challenge of working with a brand from its birth was seeing how conversations could help inform the DNA of the brand. It was truly a family project with every single person leaving their imprint on how we defined our visual language.”

The film titled Prologue, finds itself as an exploration of how each individual interprets and views that desire to set out and explore what our identity is. Inundated with so many messages and images—many of which are conflicting with each other and ourselves—we end up forced away from self, and into this amalgamation of disparate ideals and pastiches. In the video, which is self-described as “a stream-of-consciousness journey into intimate notions of identity,” each person captured by Lambert is allowed to express themselves, with no distracting influence. Among those shot, each of whom were inspiration to Pilati, was the band Die Hässlichen Vögel which performed at the SSENSE HQ following the show, who themselves seemed the paragon of Pilati’s mission—a complete knowledge of self, as their music floated between cavernous baroque to the driving punk that could have found itself at CBGB’s in New York’s underground heyday. The video ends with the question, “what are you?” to be provided with the only answer that seems to fit, “what am I not?”