As 2018 comes to a close, Document is asking friends and contributors what items they have their eye on, and what their hopes are for the year ahead. Maya Laner has had a busy 2018. Between her solo musical endeavor True Blue and playing bass for Porches, we’ve been hearing her music all year. While visiting Maya at her friend’s home and studio, she told Document what she’s been coveting lately.

What do you want to get for your mom?

Maya Laner—My mom likes gifts that are handmade or intangible. I would like to get her an expensive luxurious massage or day at the spa. She deserves it!

What is your favorite organization that you think is important for people to support this holiday season?

Maya—It’s a hard choice because there are a lot of causes in need of financial support.. but I would like to encourage people to donate to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

Left: Book by Agua Viva, $13.11. Prints by Maren Karlson, $14. Right: Bag by Dior, $920.

What is your most cherished holiday memory?

Maya—My favorite part about the holidays is my mom’s food. She makes a different fun fried thing for each night of Hanukkah. Her latkes are the best!

How would you describe 2018 in one word?


What is your holiday/new years resolution?

Maya—To sow true seeds!

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