For Spring/Summer 2017, Document travels to Berlin with photographer Marcus Schaefer and stylist Toby Grimditch to explore the power of the unconscious mind in this series of portraits, still life, and key looks from Europe’s most imaginative labels. Inspired by André Breton’s “First Manifesto of Surrealism,” which outlines the importance of pyschic automatism—or the free association of thought—the compilation of imagery attempts to do just that, abandoning reason for freedom.

Models Ava Dahlem at Izaio and Anne Sophie at Modelwerk. Hair Gregor Makris using Oribe. Make up Manu Kopp using Laura Mercier and products by Casting by Edward Kim at The Edit Desk. Production Lennart Schlageter. Styling assistants Veronika Dorosheva and Fabiana Vardaro at Basics. Shot at Sunburst Studio Berlin. Special thanks to Celia Solf at The Store BerlinMichael Magg at Voo Store Berlin, and Max Jolivet.