It is the beat known to every living creature: fast at times, slow in others, even irregular depending on the circumstances. “An Endless Rhythm,” a new exhibition at J.W.Anderson Workshops in collaboration with Jamie Hawkesworth, features never before seen charcoal works on paper that were created in Russia by the Document contributor while touring the federation.

Hawkesworth is a formative talent in the construction of the J.W.Anderson fashion brand. Since its inception in 2008, the art photographer’s masterful sight has been enlisted to capture the label’s advertising campaigns season after season.

Attending the exhibition now offers spectators the ability to purchase art stocks signed by the J.W.Anderson collaborator on either black, beige, or white canvases; each print exists in extremely limited quantities of 30 per colorway, all hand cut in store.

“An Endless Rhythm” is now on display at 100 Shoreditch High Street in London.

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