What Will Take the Place of Beauty?

Has traditional beauty and style been thrown out? In a joint art project, Document alums Max Hirschberger and Marcela Jacobina explore our fascination with the unlikely beauty ideals that have uprooted the norm and have been born out of our daily intake of media. We are always on the search for new, for shocking, for acceptance, and when we now have access to the democratic voice of social media we seek to subvert the hegemonic beauty standards that have been pervasive throughout the singularly controlled voice of movies and advertising. With inspiration coming from social media and cult films such as John Waters' Cry-Baby, Hirschberger reframes these new ideals against one another and against uniforms and the traditional.


Photographer Max Hirschberger. Stylist Marcela Jacobina. Models BB Jean, Brooke, Gianna, Lara at Heroes, Roshni, Ashley, Colton, Justin, Eddy, Spencer, Stefany, Evan at Fusion, JamieCesar, Jonah, Mike, Tayler at Red, Lovecharite, Feder, Feder Sr., Maria, Mati, Meg, Violet, and Dan. Hair Sean Michael Bennett. Makeup Yuui using M.A.C. Creative Production Roxanne Doucet at Agence Triptyque. Photo Assistant Alvin Kean Wong. Makeup Assistant Tomomi Sano. Post Production Sam Rosenblatt.