Trained at the London College of Communication, Suzie Howell is a UK based artist whose work seeks an escape from city commotion and explores the native beauty of the world. Howell navigates the beautiful and troubling dimensions of these landscapes, capturing forms that exist somewhere in between fact and fiction.

What is your dream subject?
My dream person to photograph would be FKA Twigs. My dream place to photograph would be the swamplands in Florida, Virginia and Carolina. I would love to combine the two subjects.

What motivates you to continue with photography?
For me, photography is a way of driving out the thoughts and images that run through my mind. It’s the only way I know how to express myself creatively, which is what motivates me to keep trying new things within the medium.

If you could return to any era and photograph, where would you go?
The Jurassic era! I would love to photograph the flora and fauna that once covered the earth before humans changed the landscape.

In your opinion, what makes a subject compelling enough to photograph?
I quite often like to manipulate and sculpt my subjects into something that is more abstract and personal to me. If I can control the subject in some sort of way, whether it’s by directing them or by physically changing the form of an object, then this is compelling for me.

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