Document took to Jean’s, collecting cocktails, cheek kisses, and art-world gossip

New Yorkers know that the phrase Beware the Ides of March really only applies to September, when Fashion Week and the Armory Show coincide. While many gird their loins and take their rest wherever they can fit it, others attend every pre-party and afters they can secure an invite to. Last night in Noho, the latter crowd gathered at Jean’s, a cocktails in the front, disco in the back destination, perfectly suited to kick off the festivities.

Hosted by New York-based consultancy Cultural Counsel, in collaboration with Wet Paint—Artnet’s weekly gossip column by writer and renaissance woman Annie Armstrong—the soirée comprised of an even blend of creatives, curators, and gallerists, both local and fresh off their flights from cities like Paris and Los Angeles. Let’s not forget the crazysexycool entourage shimmying to Jackson Walker Lewis’s flouncy DJ set—a shiny crop of very-online, below-Houston youngsters who love to be seen on the scene, so to speak. Cocktails by BODY Vodka flowed, and cheek kisses were abound.

Document shares what we happened to overhear at Jean’s. But first, a word from the hosts themselves…

Annie Armstrong: Somebody said to me that this is like a European nightclub, and I feel like it’s an insult. I’m having fun, are you?

Ali Rigo: We party hard and still show up to work in the morning.

“It’s like if Le Labo made an armpit-scented fragrance. In a funny way.”

“Vodka sodas are for the girls—and girls is a spiritually and gender-ly neutral term. We are all girls tonight.”

The vibe in here is like… What is that movie about the kids who live in Central Park who play cards in their living room? You know?”

“It’s like the Equinox of hot yoga.”


“I overheard someone talking about a burst pipe in their house in Amagansett. Wait, how do you pronounce that? Anyways, it seemed like such a serious problem.”