Photographer Cole Sprouse and stylist Michelle Cameron capture the activist against natural geometries, equipped with protean garments from the Moncler x Pharrell Williams collection

Mono Lake is an oasis, an Eden, a sign of life on the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevadas. Surrounded by the dry California desert, its surface is as still as the surrounding rock and sand, but the shrubbery on its perimeter rustles as mice and coyotes and insects move through.

“Although the lake was perfectly still, the lakeshore was bursting with life,” Cole Sprouse writes, his words tucked into the landscapes’ natural geometries. The photographer took to the reserve with activist Cherokee Jack for a day of quiet adventure and active reflection.

Equipped with garments to layer or shed in step with the weather—pulled from the protean pieces of the Moncler x Pharrell Williams collection—the two traversed the rocky beaches. It’s a somewhat familiar playground for Cherokee Jack, whose South Minneapolis upbringing rendered Minnesota’s many lakes his home.

Mono Lake finds its particular personality in its tufa towers—calcium-carbonate spires and knobs that jut out of its alkaline waters. They lend a sense of surreality to their tranquil surroundings: a reminder of the otherworldliness of our own world.

As the sun sank into the horizon, Cherokee Jack became a shadow against the light. “I watched as Cherokee threw pieces of the jet black stone into the water,” Sprouse writes, “casting the first ripple the lake had seen all day.”

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Right: Cherokee Jack wears vest and trousers by Moncler x Pharrell Williams.

Left: Comforter (worn as skirt) by Moncler x Pharrell Williams. Right: Sweater, jacket, and trousers by Moncler x Pharrell Williams.

Trousers by Moncler x Pharrell Williams.

Left: Sweater and jacket by Moncler x Pharrell Williams. Right: Sweater and trousers by Moncler x Pharrell Williams.

Talent Cherokee Jack at Ford Models. Hair Virginie Pineda at The Visionaries Agency. Make-up Zenia Jaeger at Streeters using Submission Beauty. Digital Technician Ryan Lopez. Photo Assistant Eric Michael Roy. Production Photobomb Production. Casting Director Angus Munro at AMC Casting.