Following the release of her ‘Temporal Cove’ tape, untitled (halo)’s Ariana Mamnoon offers Document a playlist that indulges in the evanescent

In Ariana Mamnoon’s world, everything is a little bit dreamy. Maybe technically it’s the same world the rest of us live in, but she chooses to indulge in the ethereal and ephemeral, rendering a life that looks like a Vimeo short colored in cool tones, where water glistens and lights twinkle—soundtracked, of course, in that same romantic spirit.

It’s a generous act, then, for Mamnoon to offer a piece of the world she’s built via her NTS show, Temporal Cove. Under the moniker smilegoth, she makes an effort to “articulate a flow of reverberations that can be felt on every surface,” with songs across shoegaze, post-rock, and house—all reflective of that same indulgence in the evanescent.

Mamnoon’s own band, untitled (halo), fits seamlessly among those tracks—its nouveau-shoegaze sound grounded by nostalgic feelings of lost love and yearning which the three-piece found in their shared youth in Los Angeles. untitled (halo) is featured on a 14-track tape Mamnoon made recently, which shares the same name as her NTS show. It’s an attempt to capture a passing moment, offering a glimpse at the contemporary music she feels is embroiled in the here and now.

On the heels of the tape’s release, Mamnoon is already eager to make more. For Document, she shares a list of tracks “inspired by the visceral feeling of diving into a cold ocean wave, a transient moment, a walk in the park, or dancing at the club.”

“harpee” by bar italia
“Or anything off their record Tracey Denim. bar italia is probably the coolest and best band right now—we all know this. untitled (halo) recently got to open for them here in LA, and we ended up really bonding with one another, making me like their music even more. This song is the one you put on when you’re walking down the street with your headphones on, exuding main character.”

“Pearl 2” by Bot1500
“This is a song that I found by watching someone’s Instagram story. Usually, I am honestly quick to skip—but for some reason, this track pulled me in. Perhaps because of the name—I love the name Pearl—or because of the ethereal cover art. So, I listened, and then later listened to the rest of the tracks released by Bot1500, a lo-fi electronic project coming from Japan. This track puts me at ease, but it also has energy—it sustains.”

“Hollow” by Alex G
“‘Don’t talk too much you’ll hurt yourself’: the beautiful poetry of word wizard Alex G. This track off DSU might be my favorite [from] Alex G. It’s emotional, grungy, pretty, silly—all the things I look for in a good song. I love you, Sandy.”

“Xirius Polar Station” by Malory
“Malory is probably one of the coolest and most underrated bands of all time—2000s German shoegaze and ambient. This song is a testament to their ability to craft stunning drum-and-bliss tracks. I listen to it daily.”

“House Full of Time” by Gui.tar
“There is no song really like this one. Beautiful shoegaze that pulls you in. One of my favorite songs to ever exist.”

“Paris and Rome” by Cranes
“If I were to ever use a song to score a film, it would be this—this lush and quite perfect track by UK dream rock legends Cranes, from the brilliant record Loved, released in 1994. ‘I’ll always remember, the things that we said, and the dreams that we dreamed, and the world we once had.’”

“Dibiyu” by Evanora Unlimited featuring Ecco2k
“I think this might be the epitome of a Gen Z track, and I love it. This song makes me feel young. It makes me want to be reckless and chaotic. I will always dance to this.”

“No Sweat” by Double Virgo
“Simply one of the best songs ever written. Shout out bar italia again.”

“Sugar” by My Bloody Valentine
“‘Bring a kiss up to my lips, and better get the world I get.’ The sweetest love song. My favorite MBV track.”

“Horíme” by Brutalismus 3000
“I’ve been obsessed with this Berlin-based duo ever since I heard this track. Hard, fast, dark techno.”

“King Night” by SALEM
“Shout out to Salem for all the feelings. Always.”

“Walking On Water” by Yawning Portal
“Also one of the coolest bands in the scene right now. This song makes me feel like I am truly walking on water.”

“I Am Not Willing” by Moby Grape
“This song was shown to me by a friend. We were driving through Topanga Canyon a few years ago. It was summer, driving up from Topanga Beach. It was the perfect song to capture a day spent under the sun—a song that reminds you how grateful you are for nature, music, friends, everything.”