With organic textiles, subtle animal prints, and earthy tones, Massimo Giorgetti embeds personal experience into his label’s legacy of play

Sogno Off Road, MSGM’s latest menswear collection, took shape against Tanzania’s boundless landscape. For Spring/Summer 2024, Massimo Giorgetti reflects on the space between the “ethereal and the terrestrial,” alternating between the blues, browns, and greens of the earth itself, and the sky’s vibrant orange, all bathed in warm light.

The founder was taken by Tanzania’s plains. The iPhone shots he collected on a recent visit were transposed onto garments—printed tank tops, bowling shirts with matching trousers, heavy-duty button-downs. Beyond the colorways, Giorgetti’s source material was expressed texturally: the fabrics, all organic—frayed cotton, dyed denim leather; the prints, animal-inspired, but subtly so—cow-print belts, suit jackets shagged to mimic a zebra’s coat.

Models held flashlights, marching down the sparse runway. The lasting impression—the collective silhouette—suggested utility and ruggedness, from the overt (work boots, hiking caps, cargo shorts) to the subtle (trench coats and loafers you could wear to the office, boxier or mottled with an unexpected undertone). It’s a personal collection for Giorgetti, notably true to theme. Still, it stays true to playfulness that’s always characterized his label’s output. “MSGM isn’t a ‘young’ brand,” clarified the designer post-show. “Rather, it’s a brand for young minds.”