From our latest print issue to Delta Sky Club rewards, our team shares the very best of what we consumed this month

Read Document Journal Spring/Summer Issue No. 22: This isn’t even me trying to plug the new issue—I have been eating, breathing, living this magazine for the last few months. Every book I’ve read, every song I’ve listened to, every film I’ve watched can be tied back to prep for it. I dream in fashion portfolios. Over dinner, I shape noodles to form the Vietnamese characters we added to our typefaces. My friends and family are on the cusp of blocking my calls, because I am incapable of talking about anything else. I’ve read it cover to cover at least 40 times. The least you can do is skim it once.
—Megan Hullander, Print Managing Editor

Listened to Writing on Raving at Nowadays: Zoë Beery and Geoffrey Mak co-founded this event series, featuring readings on what we love about “nightlife, dancing, techno… but also about how that love is complicated.” This month’s iteration heard from Brock Colyar, Jesús Hilario-Reyes, Oni Lem, Sul Mousavi, and, of course, McKenzie Wark—the “Bushwick-famous” brilliant writer behind Document’s Daytripping column. For a rainy Wednesday night, Nowadays was packed; the work on offer alternatively comic, tragic, profound, understated, experimental. A line snaked out the room as the lights went back on: Wark signing copies of her new book, RAVING. Others stood around chatting, or ordered a last drink, savoring the evening.
—Morgan Becker, Digital Managing Editor

Met Jeff Goldblum in the Delta Sky Club: To my great surprise, April started off on the best foot possible. I’m in JFK Terminal 4, sitting on a vinyl lounge chair in the corner of the Delta Sky Club, hammering away at emails for—you guessed it—Document Journal Magazine, avoiding all possible eye contact with the business moguls around me. Bose headphones on, noise cancellation activated, no music playing. I receive a tap on the shoulder, freeze on the keys, and slowly look up. Enter the one and only Jeff Goldblum (and his bandmates). I’m actually shook. I don’t know what to say, and settle with a Hiiiii there. He asks me if the Sky Club provides Bose headphones for guests, because they look “very cool.” (Unfortunately, they do not.) I almost frantically rip mine off and hand them over, but luckily, what is left of my rational brain remembers that he could probably buy them down at the Hudson News without too much strain on the wallet. He plops down next to me, and we proceed to have a wonderful chat about the band, traveling to Paris, what I do for work, living in the city, etc. After about 15 minutes, we parted ways. “I’ll never forget your name Syd Walker; it’s just adjacent to Sid Vicious,” he said. After I left the lounge, my dad told me to go back, find him, and give him my business card so that we could connect in the future. I didn’t do that; nor do I have a business card. Jeff, if you ever read this, I’d like to say that your airport outfit was inspiring, I love your work in Jurassic World, and you blessed the entire month of April (and honestly life) forevermore.
—Syd Walker, Assistant Art and Photo Editor

Read An Apprenticeship or The Book of Pleasures by Clarice Lispector: I finally started reading this book, which I purchased at a D*mes Square-adjacent art book store; the salesperson gave me a head-to-toe evaluation before determining if I was a client worthy of a hello. Currently, it’s drying off on a nearby table after getting hit with a rogue wave this morning on the ferry to Fire Island Pines.
—Colin Boyle, Chief of Staff