The label presents ‘The Art of Genius’ later this month, featuring a lineup of co-creators from the realms of music, design, sport, and entertainment to better reflect the cultural zeitgeist

Moncler Genius was built on collaboration from its very start, garnering the perspectives of guest designers from all corners of luxury fashion. But now, the project is set to progress—not by departing from its original, key tenet, but by opening itself up to the influence of other creative fields: from art, to design, to entertainment, music, sport, and culture.

The brand has announced its official lineup of this year’s “co-creators,” who’ll be introduced via a live show at Olympia London on February 20, The Art of Genius. The roster—which counts Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams, Salehe Bembury, Mercedes-Benz, Palm Angles, FRGMT, Adidas, and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation among its ranks—will convene under one roof, presenting 2023’s artistic concepts, as well as a handful of independent immersive experiences and presentations.

“Moncler Genius has constantly tapped into the cultural zeitgeist and continuous evolution is embedded in its DNA,” reads a statement from the label. “It’s a multi-format arena for creativity to be appreciated for all its beauty and emotional power.”

Tickets to The Art of Genius are available via registration here.