Between nostalgia, subversion, tomatoes, and gin, Document divulges what friends of the designer were hungry for

JW Anderson had plenty to celebrate last weekend. The British label showcased its Fall 2023 menswear collection in Milan, to the delight of locals and visitors alike. It was a bona fide Fashion Week highlight, complete with tomato-painted limbs, ruffled leather shorts, pillows that doubled as tops, and, of course, anthropomorphic frog shoes—a collaboration with the brand Wellipets, a favorite of the British royal family.

“I liked the idea of looking at subversion,” said Anderson himself, post-show. “Especially in the ’70s and ’80s, and [with] great masters like [Vivienne] Westwood… I love menswear, and I can’t do what I do without working with a menswear wardrobe, because I feel like it helps me contradict myself.”

Between feats of tailoring and those viral feet, there was much to discuss at the show’s exclusive afterparty. Document shares what we overheard under flashing lights, over cocktails, and above the music—musings, secrets, and insights into what friends of Anderson were hungry for.

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