The reggaeton-pop princess curates a playlist of songs defined by their maximalist production, from new electro hits to classic R&B staples

Isabella Lovestory sings raunchy, neoperreo tracks in eccentric and seductive looks. Drawing on her sexual desires, she goes against typical reggaeton by encouraging women to embrace their own. Her lyrics are provocative and fun, written for all of the hot girls. Born of an increasingly online eras, her larger-than-life persona is the product of an explosion of inspiration and aesthetics coming together to create a natural-born star.

Lovestory grew up listening to ’90s grunge on her father’s radio show, dreaming of the day she would become Britney Spears reincarnate, and dancing to Honduras’s Latine music. In her youth, she was always immersed in a range of genres, something that continues in her new Montreal home. The vast exposure is part of the Lovestory allure: She’s always experimenting sonically, collaborating with artists across the globe, including Argentina’s Six Sex, Mexico’s Meth Math, New York’s Club Eat, and Seoul’s LE SSERAFIM.

The latter was an almost fan-girl moment for Lovestory. “If you know me, you know I listen to K-pop more than any other genre,” she reveals. “Their maximalist production—sonically and visually—makes me forget about all of my problems.”

For Document, Lovestory curates the ultimate K-pop party-girl playlist, featuring new electro hits and classic R&B staples.


“I co-wrote this song. I’m still absolutely shook to be a part of it. Hearing my own voice say antitititifragile gives me goosebumps. An absolute, certified hit, one million percent. Best K-pop-reggaeton song of all time. The production is insane. I’ve listened to this song every single day since it came out. I can’t wait to write again for K-pop!”

“Hype Boy” by NewJeans

“Cultural reset. NewJeans are so fresh and unique. They have the best visuals and videos. Their debut rollout was risky, but they absolutely changed the game and raised the standard. Innovative, pioneering, experimental, high-quality. I love how happy and fun the girls are. Their debut EP is one of the most perfect and best of all time in the history of music. I know the lyrics to all their songs.”


“STAYC’s songs are the perfect girliest pop, [but they] still are experimenting with new sounds. They have the most beautiful melodies and nostalgic lyrics. It’s so romantic. ‘RUN2U’ was my song of the summer—the production and melodies kill me. They also have such sick choreo.”


“The best debut song of all time, mayhaps? Drum and bass K-pop. ‘STAYC GIRLS IT’S GOING DOWN’ [is the] best tagline.”

“BABE” by HyunA

“HyunA is a pioneer and the most badass queen in K-pop. This song is not only sonically perfect, [but it’s also] critiquing ageism in the music industry! I love the sugary pop sound of it contrasted by the dark themes of the lyrics. The breakdown is beautiful. I always put her performance of this song on before my shows. She has the most charismatic stage presence.”


“The most catchy song ever with the best choreo! I love the stickers theme in the lyrics.”


“I watch the choreography version of this a lot. Sana looks absolutely stunning and her hair is simply gorgeous. Their all-white outfits and lavender lighting make their dance so dreamy. I love the plot twist at the end, when they finally declare, ‘I want you to die for me.’ I showed this song to my boo when I first met him and it made him fall in love with me more.”


“I first listened to this song at a very dark time in my life, and it gave me so much joy. I usually don’t love an ’80s theme song, but they totally killed it with the melodies. Their outfits and dances are so hot, I wish they would do wardrobe like this again. It’s very NewJeans-esque now.”

“24HRS” by ITZY

“Arguably my favorite ITZY song. SOPHIE produced this song! It’s so badass and that little sound at 48 [seconds] is addictive—I wish it happened more in the song, but beggars can’t be choosers.”

“I’m Not Cool” by HyunA

“HyunA again with the original and forward-thinking concepts. I love the lyrics of the song and the production. HyunA is so real for this one.”

“Attention” by NewJeans

“[This was] the first NewJeans song I heard. Their vision and sound were perfectly executed. The video is so fresh with Silversun Pickups’s ‘Lazy Eye’ intro. Their cinematography is nostalgic and fresh at the same time. I love that they went to Barecelona to film this, [which is] so different [for K-pop]. Also, their hair is wow.”

“Hurt” by NewJeans

“My favorite NewJeans song to sing along to. Beautiful and simple melodies and lyrics. The video is so Sofia Coppola (they should collab). It brings me back to being a heartbroken teenager. I love that they have such different sounds in their EP, yet are so cohesive in their vision.”

“Eclipse” by LOONA

“LOONA! Please don’t go! This is my favorite LOONA member’s debut song. I love the way she says ‘destiny’ in the chorus. I listen to this song during every eclipse. P.S. Justice for Chu!”

“First Love” by After School

“A dreamy throwback. What else can you say than na na na na na na na for your first love? The video is so risqué with the stripper poles, and the set is amazing. The fake tattoos, the clothes, and of course, the hip dance. So sexy and effortless. So inspiring.”


“Their debut song that shook the world. The choreo for it is flawless. The Shakira and Pink Floyd sample is so sick. LE SSERAFIM is so chic. Truly makes me feel fearless every time I listen to it.”