Photographer David Sims, Document’s beauty director Lucia Pieroni, and stylist Max Pearmain collaborate on this fashion portfolio for Document’s tenth anniversary

Models Emily Sturgess and Elio Berenett at Next; Bente Oort at Models 1; Yanan Wan at Elite; Mya Samra and Divine at Storm; Róisín Salmon at IMG; Anna de Rijk and Ayla Murray at Viva; Nassia Matsa at Wilhelmina; Jacob Adolpho at Tomorrow is another day; Zara at Girl Mgmt; Laura Durechova at Anti- Agency; Biogal at Present; Maty Drazek at Focus. Hair Duffy at Streeters. Set Design Poppy Bartlett at The Magnet Agency. Manicure Ama Quashie at Streeters. Digital Technician Luca Trevisani. Photo Assistants Dale Cutts, Ariel Mihaly, Federico Fossati. Stylist Assistants Emma Simmonds, Mitja Olenik. Hair Assistants Lukas Tralmer, Paddy Mcdougall, Laurence Walker. Make-up Assistants Lois Moorcroft, Czar Joshua, Jemma Whittaker, Phoebe Taylor, Esme Horn. Set Design Assistants Charlie Fairs, Chloe Maugile, Noah Ponte. Manicure Assistants Aliyah Johnson, Abena Antan Robinson, Emma Thorne. Production Partner Films. Production Director Madeleine Kiersztan. Casting Director Erin Fee. Post Production SKN LAB.