In this original video, the city is left behind for canyons, rivers, and fields outside of Los Angeles

The trail is both a path and an opportunity, carved through any landscape by the desire for exploration—the quest for freedom in the great outdoors. Moncler’s Trailgrip, a design-forward reinterpretation of the technical trail-running shoe, takes inspiration in moving through terra-incognita: the rhythm of steps on dirt, the footprint left behind for others to follow. In this original video directed by Zexi Qi, Koreatown Run Club brings the Trailgrip to the canyons, rivers, and fields outside of Los Angeles, finding possibility in unaltered ground.

Director Zexi Qi. Director of Photography Madison McKamey. Stylist Amy Mach. Set Design Jon Anthony. Production Lisha Lil’ Wild and Snakk Studio. Assistant Cameras Spencer Aston and Jason Cowan. Steadicam Loren Hamilton. Gaffer Sebastien Nuta. Post-production Zexi Qi, Anton Melekh, Snakk Studio. Music Matias Quarleri. Talent Mike Pak, Duy Nguyen, Rosanna Peng, Lowam Eyasu, Jose Revelles, Tay Artis. Special thanks to Koreatown Run Club.