In this fashion portfolio, photographer Adam Powell and stylist Diana Choi showcase the Italian brand’s sunglasses from all angles

The singularity of a face finds emphasis in multi-dimensional effects and shattered glass that reflects it in fragments. In a video for Document, this polyperspectivity serves as a bridge between the opulence signified by Versace’s Medusa Biggie sunglasses and the familiar reality they are set against.

Carrying the distinctiveness of both the sunglasses’ mythical and emblematic namesakes, the low-lensed, wide-templed sunglasses elevate the individual who wears them. Accented by indulgent gold-toned hardware, thick white and pinkish red frames act as a marker of distinction within the city’s saturation.

Models Mica Kendall at The Industry; Naki Depass at Elite. Hair Erol Karadag. Make-up Mert Nazlim. Creative Direction Adam Powell. Videographer Yasmin Jansen. Editor Sophie Hur. Sound Design TJ Freda. Photo Assistants Skyler Dahan, Dean Majd. Production Director Madeleine Kiersztan at Ms4 Production. Casting Director Angus Munro at AMC Casting.