Following the release of ‘Devoted,’ the musician shares a playlist for feeling your feelings

With straightforward lyrics and snappy beats, songwriter and producer Cooper B. Handy, known by the stage name Lucy—love, unity, communication, yeah?—knows how to grab his listeners’ attention. Since Handy’s entry into the underground bizarro pop scene, he’s developed a cult following. His music is often experimental, and always catchy.

Massachusetts-based Handy’s first album under an official record label, which is ironically titled The Music Industry is Poisonous, was released in May 2021. Though only just over 16 minutes in length, the record is packed with upbeat songs that might catch you off guard if you’re unfamiliar with his music: There’s “Turn Page,” which lists off Handy’s former teachers by grade in the chorus, and “Hot Town,” which features lyrics like “The type of loving that’s hard to find / Like a silverware fetish at the scene of a crime.”

Since then, Handy released the EP Devoted, and was recently featured on a Boy Harsher song and music video, in which he playfully dances around (in an outfit that is toes the line between childlike and dad-core), singing “Memory’s a blessing in a safe mind / Feels lucky somebody could replace mine.”

Handy curated a playlist of “beautiful and moving” songs for Document, each of which carries personal value to him; they range from childhood favorites to tracks he heard someone blasting in their car that stuck. “For me, this is a list made up of songs that all make me feel something without trying to [make me] feel something,” he says. “Each of the artists featured in this list also have other legendary tracks, but these are some that I’ve returned to again and again since I’ve heard them. All of these songs have made me cry, even if only in a lowkey, tears of joy type of way.”

“Closer I Get to Yous” by Ruddy Thomas featuring Marcia Aitken
“Found this song super recently on a vinyl compilation, and it’s been my favorite since.”

“Could of Been Different” by Kodak Black
“A classic display of Kodak’s ability to create an emotional banger.”

“Harmony In Your Bathroom” by Swell Maps
“Been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. Perfect tones on the whole album.”

“Milestones” by Bill Evans Trio
“Bill Evans is one of my favorite pianists. This song is a cover, but I love the playful tempo of it in tandem with its dark changes.”

“4l” by Bootychaaain and Sickboyrari
“Both of these artists have many amazing tracks. Both of their voices reach out in a special way.”

“I Want To Thank You” by Alicia Myers
“A couple years ago, I heard an old man blasting this out of his car, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I learned it on piano, too, amazing changes!”

“Citgo” by Chief Keef
“I don’t know if anyone needs to say anything about this song.”

“Gonna Fly Now” by Bill Conti
“Got this record eight years ago, and it’s probably my favorite soundtrack. This song is a no-brainer, but the rest of the album really hits, too.”

“Slurf Song” by Michael Hurley
“This old man has many bangers, but ‘Slurf Song’ is the only one that’s made me cry. I’ve returned to it since I was way younger and sampled it in 2013.”

“All The Way Turnt Up” by Roscoe Dash featuring Soulja Boy
“Someone in my biology class in 2009 showed me this on his phone, and it was stuck in my head for at least 10 years.”

“Hits The Wall” by Club Casualties
“Nick [Atkinson] and I made this song, and I think [it] will gain importance with time.”

“Forever and For Always” by Shania Twain
“Something about the way her voice flows with the instruments and the song structure makes this a favorite for me.”

“Canon in D Major” by Johann Pachelbel
“Been hearing this song used behind number-one hits my whole life, so I figured it deserved a spot on the list.”

“Off The Wall” by Michael Jackson
“Hands down my favorite MJ album. This song does a special job of sounding like the message it puts out.”

“Portrait of Tracy” by Jaco Pastorius
“A dear late, great friend of mine learned this on bass when we were younger, and it always makes me cry. The rest of the album is awesome, too.”