Playing on vacation-themed paradise, Massimo Giorgetti presents an elevated mix of bright color, tropical print, and urban sensibilities

There’s an obvious appeal to leaning into the dystopian nature of modernity—when used as central themes, the eerie, the uncanny, and the sinister easily become avant-garde and futuristic. For Summer 2023, MSGM’s menswear collection took the path less trodden in art, taking inspiration from the idyllic as a means of looking forward in fashion. “We need to ignite some fantasy, to pass from dystopia to utopia,” says Massimo Giorgetti, founder and creative director of the house, in a press release.

Superficially, tropical prints and patterns elicit images of tacky vacationwear, but Giorgetti imagines in an elevated form. MSGM uses tropical motifs of hibiscus, bananas, flora and fauna, palms and pineapples, dolphins and crocodiles, and repurposes them onto urban silhouettes: boxy suits and trench coats with printed lapels. Its yellows, blues, and greens are balanced with grayscaled fabrics, with 0rganic and natural textures made from ecologically responsible materials. The line is more suited to New York streetwear than it is to all-expenses-paid cruises, embodying the carefree optimism of holiday mirages while maintaining youthful, ultramodern stylistic sensibilities.