Denim, cowhide, and earthy tones dominate the collection, which explores summer dressing as a round-the-world ticket to global destinations

In designing menswear, Silvia Venturini Fendi favors play with contrasts and juxtapositions. “It’s about a balance of decoration and simplicity,” Fendi says in a press release. “An ageless sense of freedom to play, as we rediscover the luxury of free time.”

This ethos seamlessly carries into the FENDI Spring/Summer 2023 collection centering themes of wanderlust and summer travel. With the line, FENDI “approach[es] summer dressing as a round-the-world ticket to holiday destinations near and far.”

The line features pops of color against earthy greens, browns, blues and beiges, with intent to reflect the earth, sea, and sky. Denim is integrated plainly and subtly: as a distressed trompe l’oeil print, framing FENDI bags and shoppers, and as fringe on moccasins. Accessories include beaded cowhide skate sneakers, cut-out visor-esque bucket hats, friendship bracelets, gold chains, slides with an inflatable FENDI logo, and bucket and duffel bags. The leisurely energy of the line is that of a lightweight, almost nomadic traveler.